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Accomplishments / Awards

  • Three commendations for Quality and Results - Intel® Corporation
  • Thank You Award from Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Intel® Corporation
  • Six letters for distinguished graphic design and layout - The Golden Thread Magazine
  • Six letters of appreciation for distinguished computer support - Oregon State University
  • Certified Electronic Master Technician, perfect Quality Assurance record - USAF
  • Outstanding Contribution Award for Dedication and Duty - USAF
  • Letter of Heroism from the Chief of Police - Salem, OR
  • United States Air Force Sergeant
  • Expert Marksman - USAF
  • Black Belt, Kenpo Karate

Professional Summary

Produced over seventy brain/body physiological 3D animations for Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of the books "Evolve Your Brain," "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" and New York Times Bestseller “You are the Placebo.” Our animations continue to aid in teaching thousands of people throughout the world how to re-program their thinking through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles.

Insured quality assurance in graphics, World Wide Web and Video departments. Constantly monitored operational flow to create and implement policies to streamline production and elevate quality. Recognized potentials in fellow work mates and created ways to cultivate those qualities.

Aggressively engaged the World Wide Web since 1995 to construct over a hundred HTML pages and manage over a dozen web sites.

Consistently met rigid deadlines for 62-page, graphic intensive, full color science periodical. Solely responsible for layout and design to have magazine commercially printed and globally distributed.

Combining Art and Communication interests earned self-created Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University in Multimedia and 3D Graphics/Animation.

Professional Experience

JZK, Inc.  Jan 04 - Feb 05

Responsible for quality assurance and decision making in graphics, web and video departments. Constantly monitored operational flow and created and implemented new policies to streamline production and raise quality. Recognized potentials in fellow work mates and created ways to cultivate those qualities. Strictly monitored, obtained and enforced copyright, trademark and service mark rights.

Continuously gathered and received conceptual input, turning that information and data into appealing and effective visual media and multimedia while meeting tight deadlines. Developed these communications for a diverse public audience via the World Wide Web, print and graphic-intensive email periodicals reaching thousands of global subscribers.

Was tasked with converting a plethora of printed and photocopied material and a VHS tape into a physical product to be aesthetically pleasing and represent the company. Solved this problem by creating a DVD and interactive CDROM set. Was solely responsible from conception to completion to create the interfaces, cover art, DVD and CDROM for the computer (Mac & PC format). 5000 copies were globally distributed.

Produced over 70 graphic/animation intensive HTML and FLASH multimedia email periodicals. Generated supplementary income for the company by redesigning the periodicals to a printable format that sold over 1000 copies.

The Golden Thread magazine, a division of JZK, Inc.  Sept 02 - June 03

Consistently met rigid layout and designing deadlines for 62-page, graphic intensive, full color science periodical. Solely responsible for producing and incorporating typography, design, composition, format, style, contrast, tone and color to have magazine commercially printed with four-color (CMYK) process for international distribution.

In addition to desktop publishing, actively participated in producing computer generated graphics, digital artwork, illustration and digital photography. Researched material for content of publications. Created three-dimensional graphics/animation and various multimedia for instructional presentations and kiosks.

Harrington-Templar information exchange service  Oct 99 - July 01

Responsible for computer setup and maintenance, network, technical equipment and multimedia projects. Video recorded and edited several lectures and seminars. Designed and created company logos and letterheads.

Oregon State University, Testlab  Jan - June 96, Oct - June 97, Oct 97 - Mar 98

Tested Intel® pre-release software and hardware including Proshare, Intercast, Stargate, Pentium® Pro computers and nine varieties of Hewlett Packard Netservers.

Intel® Corporation, Research Communication Group, Hillsboro, Oregon  June - Sept 97

Administered internal web servers and designed and developed internal web sites for the Research Communication Group, Applications and Services Research Lab and Intel Software Developers Conference to promote innovation and the advancement of technologies relevant to Intel's future. Technically supported and telebroadcasted guest speakers on the internal local area network throughout the continental United States.

Intel® Corporation, University Research Group, Hillsboro, Oregon  Sept - Dec 95, June - Sept 96

Administered internal web server and designed and developed web site for University Research Group to promote innovation and the advancement of technologies relevant to Intel's future. Specified computer hardware and software for university grants. Installed, configured and instructed students on hardware and software at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


  • Self-created BS degree in Multimedia/3D Graphics - Oregon State University   June, 1998
  • SoftImage® Extreme 3D modeling/animation, Vancouver Film School, British Columbia  Aug - Dec, 1998