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Logo created with Adobe Photoshop. This logo was also made into a patch to adorn karate uniforms.

Pledger's Kenpo Karate Crest Symbology

THE TIGER - represents earthly strength, power, and agility derived from the early stages of learning.

THE DRAGON - represents spiritual strength and wisdom. The spirit of the dragon is developed in later years of training. It ascends from earthly strength (as observed on the crest) since the student has developed humility and self-restraint. The attitude of the Dragon is the ultimate goal of Kenpo. Armed with this demeanor an individual does not fear an opponent, but is concerned with what he or she can do to an opponent.

THE CIRCLE - depicts life, a continuous cycle where there is neither a beginning nor an end. So it is with the art of Kenpo; it too is a cycle of perpetual movement.

THE DIVIDING LINES - in the circle represent the three-dimensional paths that the hands and feet travel on, and the angles of defense and attack.

THE ORIENTAL WRITING - is a reminder of the originators of Kenpo, the Chinese. The characters to the left translate "spirit of the Dragon and the Tiger." The lettering to the right reads "Kenpo Karate - Law of the fist and the empty hand."

THE SHAPE - of the top of the crest depicts a roof that provides shelter to all those under it. The sides and bottom are concave like the top of Chinese home, returning unwanted entities and energies to their source.