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Gail and Troy Central America... of great interest to me and my darling Gail. Our adventures include exploring jungles, underground rivers, caves, cenotes, ruins, ancient/modern Mayan culture and of course snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Here’s a link to our travel blog. Brief day-by-day descriptions will lead you through our adventures with many pictures from our last six-week excursion through Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

Central American Adventure

Kayaking in the San Juan islands is the best in the world” many claim. We can attest that they are amazing as we visit them often and enjoy the air, wildlife and energy of the islands. Orcas Island is our favorite, but at San Juan the whales are more likely to participate.

BMW 525it with Prijon Kodiak and Barracuda kayaks

Last ones on the ferry...

Troy in Prijon Kodiak

...first ones in the water.

...and three of our kids, a handful yes, but what a joy!

Kobie Sven at 4 weeks oldSven at 1 year and still growing
Kobie, 100% Montana Bobcat upholds the reputation of coping an "attitude," but is a sweetheart to those he grows up with. Trespassers beware!

Sven, an African Serval, is extremely affectionate and still growing. His speed and playfulness are unmatched!

Cisco in the snow Cisco - Watching form aboveHe must get the snowball

And Cisco, a Candadian Lynx. He can't get enough attention or jumping for snowballs.

The wildcats have five acres in the woods fenced in. They have two ponds connected by a stream and fed by a waterfall, multiple flower gardens, bamboo gardens, stone walls, buildings and hundreds of trees at their disposal for playing on and climbing. They come in and out of the house at their leisure. We do not endorse cages!

Sven wanting the fish

"I think of a simple wooden table of all things and wonder where it came from… I think first of the place it was made, then how it was made, then why there was a reason to make it. I conclude that the table was manifested by a thought, the thought of a person who saw that a table would be a handy thing. I see this everywhere; all things originate from thought. Knowing this I understand that the dreamer is the creator."

                                                                                                                          -Troy Pledger